i see this shirt around way too much.

here's me holding the original and wearing the knock off can you even tell the difference? i'll admit i am a bit of a poser due to the fact that i can't even tell give you the name of a metallica song right now. i have some pretty shitty clothes but the one thing i like about my clothes is no else has them. so thats why i sold this tshirt to buffalo exchange.

1.suglasses american apparel
2.metallica tee
3.motorcycle jacket
4.distressed levi's
5.15' hole cherry reds


it was in 10th grade when i read my first issue of vogue . it was the October 1998 issue that started the flame to my addiction.while reading i discovered many great designers like miuccia prada, karl lagerfeld,rei kawakoubo and alexander mcqueen. I looked at alexander mcqueen's latest work which at the time was his spring/summer 2005 collection. and i must say it was was the most amazing thing i had ever seen.

everything was perfect from the music to the clothes and whole concept of the show.it was the first runway i saw that used more than one black model and not only did he use black models he used a variation of races in his show that probaly inspired a lot of people. my eyes were glued to the screen ( fyi i was wearing a abercrombie and fitch sweater, some gap jeans, and old navy flip flops while watching this video )it proved to me how much you can impact someone through clothing. which is why i started putting more effort into what i was wearing.so this is why i dedicate this post to the late alexander mcqueen because with out you id still be shopping at old navy.

thanx for everything

love sean



shirt jetrag $1 sale
pants h&m
belt american apparel
doc marten '12 hole
and way too much concealer


tomek szczukiecki for zoo magazine - styling lotta aspenberg,